Wagner Compact Professional Heat Tool

$29.95 USD

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We love this NEW Compact Professional Heat Tool! Unlock regular heat guns for craft use that may only last a few months, the Wagner Professional heat gun is durable and long lasting so you won’t have to keep replacing your heat tool!

The heat gun features a dual high (680°F/360°C) and low (450°F/230°C) temperature setting to accomplish countless DIY projects that require heat. It has three operating positions: palm, pencil and hands free.

“This [heat tool] is really nice! These Wagner tools are hard to get, but I’ve tried the other ones... the [cheaper] ones, and those don’t even last a year. The Wagner [heat tool] I have is 6 years old. Well worth the money.” - Dianne Connelly

- Heat Set GourdMaster Ink Dyes and Transparent Acrylics
- Quick Dry Formula 49 (leave damp; do not dry fully as this will reduce the conditioning effect of Formula 49)
- Quick Dry Metal Leaf Adhesive
- Activate embossing powder and liquid applique for craft use
- Shrink tubing for electrical work
- Soften paint, caulking and putty for easier removal
- Soften adhesives to help remove stickers and floor tiles
- Shrink plastic film for crafts, and small gifts

- Wattage 350 Watts on high, 170 Watts on low
- Operates on 110-120 VAC Heat Output Approximately 680°F on high, approximately 450°F on low
- Weight 0.7 pounds Cord 18 gauge 2 wire
- 6 feet long Safety Double insulated to minimize electrical risk

- High 680°F (360°C) and low 450°F (230°C) temperature settings
- Three operating positions: palm, pencil and hands free
- Ideal for applying highly concentrated heat on small areas
- Hands free operation with retractable stand
-Great for crafting, home and hobby projects