Perfect-Dot Stylus Set

$5.95 USD

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'Perfect Dot' Stylus Set

The Perfect-Dot Stylus is the ideal tool for creating precise dots with Metallic Inks and more!

This 5-piece set features double-sided tools so you get a total of 10 different size points to give you a full range of options with your designs. Use with paint, Metallic Inks, Transparent Acrylics, and more!

Enhance your art by adding a few dots of brilliant color using GourdMasterTM Brilliant Gold Metallic Ink as shown in the birdhouse below:

Shown here, Gourd Birdhouse by Christy Barajas. Christy used the Perfect-Dot Stylus set to create the decorative gold dots (Metallic Ink) around the entrance, and also the "pollen" on the stamens of the flowers.