April 8 2020: New Gourd Item and More!

April 07, 2020

April 8 2020: New Gourd Item and More!

"Always appreciate the customer service I receive when I call with questions as I'm new to working with gourds. My orders also arrive in just a few days and their product quiality is great!!" - Mary Meduna

See the NEW Gourd Item, beautiful gourd art, and more!

NEW Canteen Gourd Center-Cuts

Shown above, Phoebe Welburn holds the 3 sized of our NEW Canteen Gourd Center-Cuts.

Gourd art by Susan K. Burton.

If you want to create a gourd with a lot of cut-outs like the lovely Maple Leaf gourd shown here by Susan Burton, we recommend using a Proxxon Mini Jigsaw.

Proxxon Mini Jigsaw with free gifts

We are Giving Away Our 20 "Instant Access" Online Gourd Classes to Help Everyone During Coronavirus Shut Downs (A total value of $436.25, yours Free)

To help everyone stuck at home during the Coronavirus shut downs, we are offering ALL 20 of our Instant Access Gourd Classes at no cost. (Note: there is a small $2.99 fee per class that our service provider charges for bandwidth and account use.)

Shown above, 9 of 20 Instant Access Gourd Classes being offered for free.

Sherry McCallum Hari, used her practice piece to create a project from one of Gloria Crane's video on our Instant Access Gourd Classes. Here's what she says in her Facebook post:

"My practice piece after watching the Gloria Crane's video, Welburn farms are letting us purchase for the processing fee. I've been doing gourds a long time, but it's really fun to learn new techniques and tricks. Thank you Welburn Farms."

Thank you, Sherry, for sharing your photo with us!

Here's what our friend Sheryl wrote to us about the above photos: "My granddaughter had a great time with the free gourds provided by Welburn. Kept her busy for many hours!" -Sheryl We agree with a commenter on Facebook who wrote, "So cute! ...So is the gourd." :)

Shown above, box of 8 mixed shape 'Gourds for Kids'. A $79.90 value, yours Free! (Just pay shipping charges)

Welburn Gourd Farm is donating FREE Gourds to school childern who are required to stay home from school.

You can help by posting a fun kid's gourd project in our Facebook Group, "For the Love of Gourds", and/or by ordering a FREE gourd box for kids in need.

The gourds are free. There is a cost for shipping, so becoming a sponsor by ordering a Gourd Box and paying for shipping is a way you can help out.

Click Here for more.

Today's Featured Gourd Art

This beautiful seahorse gourd art is by Sue Sweder. Thank you, Sue, for sharing your gourd art with us on Facebook!

Need a gourd with a tall canvas for your design? Here are two great options:

Shown above, Tall-Body gourds.