Video Tutorial Series Part 3

Here is Part 3 of Your "All About Gourds" Video Tutorial Series!
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Video 1 "DIY Blue Floral Gourd Birdhouse"

Video 2 "Woodburning a Faux Basket Weave on Gourds"

Video 3 "Getting More Out of Your GourdMaster Ink Dyes"

Video 4 "Creating a Gourd Oil Lamp with Pink Lily Design"

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Pattern Placement

Wood Burned Design

Color Added to Design

Color Completed and Varnished

This lovely birdhouse gourd with sunflowers is by artist Tammy Harr Schmidt. Tammy was kind enough to take photos along the way and post the images of her progress. Tammy used the sunflower images from the "Roses, Pansies, and Sunflowers" Stick 'n Burn pack, and we LOVE her design placement and the colors she used! Thanks, Tammy, for sharing your art work with us on Facebook!

"I really love working with your stick 'n burn patterns. It is so much easier than other things I have tried in the past. I want them ALL!" -Andy Gula

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