Fancy-Hook Craft-Ready Gourd Ornaments

Medium “Fancy-Hook” Ornaments, 2"-2.5”

Large “Fancy-Hook” Ornaments, 2.5"-3.5”

6 Extra Large “Fancy-Hook” Ornaments, 3.25"-4.5”

Craft-Ready gourds like these are great because the hard work has already been done for you and you can get right to the fun of crafting your gourd!

Keep in mind, these Craft-Ready gourds are hand-selected for size and symmetry, so they are gourds that you might not find if you were to order a regular box of cleaned Mini Gourds.

They are perfect for creating large ornaments for a large Christmas tree, or even gorgeous art pieces that can be displayed year-round! They make beautiful gifts!

Use these Craft-Ready, Fancy-Hook Ornaments to
Create Gorgeous Art Pieces That Can be Admired Year-round!

Pictured above, gourd art by Christy Barajas. The Bear Fetish is a design from the "Southwest Animal Motifs" Stick 'n Burn pack!

Gourd art by Christy Barajas using poinsettia designs from the Gourd Ornament Stick n Burn pack and the Fili-Point to create the filigree around the design.

These Poinsettias were colored using True Red Transparent Acrylics and the leaves were coloed using Classic Green Ink Dye.

Gourd art by Kelsey Nelson. This cute penguin was wood burned and then colored using Pitch Black, Pure White, Butterscotch, and Goldenrod Transparent Acrylics.

Fancy-Hook Gourd Ornamets with "Gourd Seed Roof," by Krystal Garrido watch the video below with Mary Gehley to see how to make this fun project!

Watch the video above to see how to create a fun mini gourd birdhouse with a faux pine cone roof made from gourd seeds! This project was originally created by Lynn Lybeck, who granted us permission to share the design.
Please note: This is an older video and audio may not play correctly on a desktop computer. Please use your phone or mobile device if you are having issues with the audio.

GourdMasterTM Gourd Glue is used to firmly attach the gourd seeds used to make the "faux pine cone roof" in the projects above.

These fabulous Craft-Ready "Fancy-Hook" Ornaments are LARGE size ornaments made from Mini gourds (Jewelry gourds are any gourd under 2" and Mini gourds are 2"- 4.9" in diameter). Choose from 3 size options: Medium (2" to 2.5"), Large (2.5" to 3.25" in diameter) and Extra Large (3.25" to 4.5" in diameter).

They range in size from 2 to 4.5 inches in diameter and come with an eye screw already attached in the perfect spot so they hang beautifully!

Each one includes a fancy, scroll style hook to give it a look of elegance. Please note: The hooks are packaged separately to keep them from getting damaged in shipping; please watch the short video below to see how easy the hooks are to attach!

Watch "Creating a Penguin Gourd Ornament"

Watch the Video above for Great Project Ideas!

Fancy Hook Craft-Ready Gourd Ornaments

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