Proxxon Super Jigsaw STS/E with FREE Foot Pedal, and Custom 'Gourd Foot'

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Create your Own Lidded Bowls, Gourd Baskets,
and More with the Super Mini Jigsaw!

See the Videos Below!

Use the Jigsaw to make lidded containers, gourd purses, and any design in which you need to make a thin cut or have the gourd fit back together (which you cannot do when using a carving burr because the burr removes too much of the gourd).

The Proxxon Mini Super Jigaw includes the specialized "gourd foot" exclusively available through Welburn Gourd Farm! The 'gourd foot' is used in place of the large square foot that is normally attached to this saw and makes it MUCH easier to cut gourds with!

Unlike the square foot, which cannot work on rounded areas (it will lift the saw blade away from the gourd when you try to cut into a curved area on your gourd), the gourd foot is designed to sit flat against the gourd, even in tight, curved areas.

The specialized 'gourd foot' you get when you buy the saw from Welburn Gourd Farm makes it easy to cut gourds!

The regular flat foot included with this jigsaw and when you buy the saw elsewhere makes it difficult if not impossible to cut on the curved areas of a gourd, as it is used for cutting on flat surfaces.

In addition, the small footprint (pun intended) of the 'gourd foot' makes it easy to see around it so you can follow your cut lines easily, especially lines that make a lot of turns and curves (This saw is GREAT at making tight curves, such as leaf cut-outs!).

Plus the foot is shallow (unlike the "round foot" previously sold by Proxxon), which means more of the saw blade goes into the gourd. This extra cutting capacity makes it perfect for those thick Welburn gourds!

Pictured here: gourd leaf bowl by Mary Segreto. The Super Jigsaw is perfect for cutting in tight areas like around these leaves!

Watch video above to discover how to create a gourd with a hidden lid.

Shown here: This elegant lidded gourd by Heidi Anne Sanger has a thin scalloped cut, which makes the cut line nearly invisible when the lid is on; this is the type of cut you get when using the Proxxon Super Jigsaw!

Gourd art by Christy Barajas

Use GourdMaster Black Paint in the inside of your gourd to hide your cut line (see video above for details).

The Proxxon Mini Super Jigaw plugs directly into a socket, eliminating the need for the heavy and bulky transformers that are found in other models.

The gourd shown here is by Christy Barajas was made from a Canteen gourd. The gorgeous Celtic knot on the lid is from the Stick 'n Burn Celtic Design. She embellished the design with Metal Leaf!

Stay in full control when cutting gourds by using a Foot Switch! (Allows you to control turning the saw on and off using the foot pedal a much safer and easier option!)

Insider tip: Before you insert the blade of the saw into the gourd, be sure to make an initial cut with a Hobby Knife, or something similar. Once you have made the first cut all the way through the gourd, insert the saw blade until the "foot" of the saw sits flush on the gourd. Once you complete those steps, turn the saw on and begin cutting. Try not to apply too much pressure or you can break your saw blade.

The Proxxon Super Jigsaw Kit comes with the following:

        - Custom 'gourd foot' to cut those hard to reach areas (developed by and sold exclusively by Welburn Gourd Farm)!
        - Convenient Storage Case
        - The standard flat foot for cutting on flat surfaces
        - 1 FREE Foot Pedal (aka: Foot Switch)
        - 2 Allen Wrenches (1 for changing the foot and one for changing saw blades)      

The Super Jigsaw includes a variable speed dial and 4 saw blades, plus the handy carrying case!

Why purchase the Proxxon Super Jigsaw from us instead of buying it cheaper elsewhere?
Watch the video below and find out!

Update: Since this video was released, we've updated our product, and now the Foot Pedal is included FREE!

Using the Proxxon Super Mini Jigsaw

In this short video, you will learn how to use the Proxxon Super Mini Jigsaw.
You can watch the entire video here.

"Well, after spending nearly $500 on various power saws to cut open my Welburn Gourds, I finally gave in and purchased a Proxxon Mini Saw. I'm in love. It is super wonderful and small enough to offer me all the creative flexibility I desire. The professional look of my gourds improved 200 percent. Going to try the paints next...I'm sold. Thank you!"- Gayle Renfro in Cincy.